Free Associations


Try doing free associations in writing for several days in a row. 

Set a time limit, say 20 minutes, and write down everything in your head. Try to speed up during this time until you can write no more as your thoughts are more rapid than your hand. 

‘Automatic writing is one way of getting people to understand that there is “something inside them besides themselves”’ (Johnstone, Keith - Impro. Improvisation and the Theatre, Routledge, 1981, p.121). You will bypass the censorship of ego and your current mindset and neuro pathways, and get access to a deeper you. Maybe the writing will tell nothing to anyone, but the process will train your mind to be spontaneous and creative.

My story with this practice.

In 2016, as an entrepreneur in the learning business, I was on the verge of closing my business due to a personal confusion about the many roles I could take (coach, trainer, consultant) and about the coach - businessman lack of boundaries. I exercised with free writing and for several days I filled pages and pages of ideas, fears, possibilities. Looking over this production the next week, It was clear to me what I had to do and how I had to position myself on the market.


  1. What seems to emerge from all you have written?

  2. What is a deeper meaning of all those scribblings?